Pies Galore!

Happy Pi(e) day!

My department had a pie contest!  I made Peanut Butter Banana Cream pie!

Graham cracker crust.

Layer of dark chocolate.

Layer of Peanut Butter.

Layer of homemade vanilla custard mixed with fresh sliced bananas.

Topped with real whipped cream.

How can you go wrong with PB, Chocolate AND Banana all in one delicious pie!?!?!

I thought it was pretty darn delicious!  I think others liked it too!

I’m not sure who won 😦 I left early to work on my fitness (…Fergie style…), busted out 4 miles on the treadmill and 20mins (I think… short term memory loss I guess…) on the elliptical.  It was great!

Seriously folks, I am all sugared out.  I hadn’t really consumed any refined sugar all week and this weekend I had a ton.  I literally feel a bit ill. Cooling it on the sugar as usual!

So today I was procrastinating and looking at old posts and I realized that it probably seems like I eat a lot of junk.  Haha! I promise, I actually don’t!  Well, I eat a fair amount of sweets but I like to balance it out with vegetables and other healthy eats!

For example, for breakfast today I had a green monster and an egg white omelet:

4 egg whites… the custard in the pie required four egg yolks… No point in throwing the whites away!

For dinner, bok choy, leeks and scallions stir fried in some coconut oil and Ponzu with a Boca patty!  Sooooooo Soooo Soooooo good!  I wanted more! Also had a pear!

Just so you don’t think my hot bod comes from cookies alone… I eat vegetables 🙂  A lot actually!

Just thought I would clarify that!

Ugh tomorrow is Monday… but Thursday is the start of spring break with a class trip to NYC!  WOO!  Then a whole week off!!  And I’ll be seeing the lovely fella AGAIN!  We may or may not go on a mini road trip… any spring break plans for you?  Has spring break already passed for everyone??

Have a great night!


11 thoughts on “Pies Galore!

  1. Karin says:

    Oh boy, that pie looks too good to be true! Sounds like such a fantastic combination.

    We don’t have spring break over here but ha, I’m working anyway so I don’t really care much about it anyway ;).
    A trip sounds like so much fun! I hope you’ll enjoy your week off, you deserved it!

  2. Danielle says:

    My spring break = dunzo 😦
    The pie looks perfecttt! I know what you mean about being “sugared out” though

  3. Erin says:

    Your food looks AMAZING… as normal! NYC trip sounds great… trips to the big city are always so much fun. My husband is originally from the city so we go a few times a year! Our “spring break” hopefully will be spent in Florida with my parents! I’m looking forward to a break for muddy, brown, upstate 😉

  4. The Linz says:

    Yum! That pie looks really really delicious!!! 🙂 I am actualy done with school but my bf is still going and gets a spring break, so I opted to take the whole week off too. We are going to oregon coast it! Woo hoo!

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