Hot Cross Buns

I took a cue from Mama Pea last night and got ready for Good Friday. While I hummed the tune in my head, I baked some hot cross buns.

I proceeded to distribute them to my schoolmates today.  Hope they were appreciated.

I enjoyed a few of these for breakfast (not the healthiest but that’s okay) with some coffee in this mug:

Quite fitting.  Makes me laugh.

I also had Hot Non-Denominational Buns (without the cross).

I thought they were pretty delicious! A nice treat for Good Friday.

Today was another gorgeous day!  We had a high of 83!  I wore a sundress and life was great!

Today was also Open House for my department so I spent a good portion of the day showing around prospective students, which was kind of fun.

Thank goodness for the weekend!  Even though I have a ton of work to get done, I also have so many shows to catch up on!  Lost, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men!  Where to start!?!

Hopefully I’ll get to catch up on blogs with weekend too!   I’m pooped!  Have a great night!