Twitter and Everything Else in My World Today

I don’t understand Twitter.  I just plain don’t get it.

I mean, I think shitmydadsays is hilarious and I understand the entertainment value in it.  Heck, I even understand why President Obama would have twitter. But what would I have to say that I can’t say on this blog? Why would anyone want to read a 20 word blurb about how sleep won the battle of sleep vs. exercise this morning or how awesome I think Excel is?

I’m not saying others shouldn’t tweet, but I’m just not sure why anyone would want to read mine.  Are you on twitter?  What do you tweet about? Is it fun? Am I missing out?

Anyway, enough about twitter.

This week is INSANE!! Here’s a little sample from my to do list…

Karla’s To Do List:

  • Finish Reading Good Governance in the Tropics (self imposed deadline: today… hmm might not happen, 90 pgs left)
  • Reading for Urban Transformations in the Global South (need to be done tonight, 3 of 5 readings done so far… Africa makes me sad…)
  • Reading response for above mentioned readings (by tonight at midnight)
  • Readings for Urban Spatial Theory (err… might not get to these)
  • Term Paper on Good Governance book mentioned above (due Tuesday, no idea what to write about… good governance?)
  • Econ problem set due Thursday (luckily almost done)
  • Methods problem set (basically kicking my butt, spent 4 hours on it Sunday only to do 1.5 questions out of 5… meeting with study group tonight, due Monday)

Basically I’m swamped!  Strangely enough I don’t feel as stressed as I usually am… weird, huh?

I’m also baking for class on Wednesday but have no idea what to make!  Any ideas?  I was thinking some sort of cupcake, muffin or cookie since those are easy to transport.

Now, I’m getting ready to go to class.  It’s going to be a busy but WONDERFUL day!

Have a good one!!