Groceries Galore

I love grocery stores.  I often to go the store just to walk around.  Yesterday I actually had a purpose.  So I spent the entire day running around grocery stores and it was great!

Stop #1: Vallarta, Latino grocery store.  Cheap produce!  Woo!  I missed these latino grocery stores! (There was an entire cooler filled with lard!  I should have taken a picture of it!)

Stop #2: Costco.  I fully intended on getting a frozen yogurt (I’m obsessed) but there were so many samples that I was sweeted out by the time I left!

Stop #3: Vons.  Few extra things I couldn’t find elsewhere…

Whilst at Vons I found this treat!

I love anything pumpkin flavored so I had to get it.  It was delicious as expected.

Today is another busy day!  Getting ready for my big event!  Woo!

Are you a fan of grocery stores? or do you like to get out quick?