Using My Leftovers: FAIL

I had a final, extremely frustrating last meeting with my group for land use.  Luckily my roommate picked me up so I didn’t’ have to walk home (20 degrees out!  Brrr!)

Instead of being a good kid and coming home and eating the rest of my leftovers (aka a potato and 8 carrots), stopped by Shortstop Deli to get a fantastic sandwich.

I got a veggie packed sandwich on ciabatta with seitan.  It was delicious!

I needed this after an extremely long day.

How off to pack and get ready to leave!  Are you traveling anywhere this holiday season?

Have a great night!


Using My Leftovers Part II

Today was another busy day!  Yesterday I stayed on campus for lunch but today I decided to save money and use up my fridge stuff and run home for lunch quickly!

I made a salad with my Fingerlakes Salad Bouquet, topped with a black bean burger, some lemon-tahini dressing and a carrot on the side.

This was accompanied by a large sweet potato that was begging to be eaten!


Videos You Have to See

Hey everyone!  Sorry about the lack of updates.  I’m wrapping up the semester and going home tomorrow!  Since I haven’t had time to do a whole lot of cooking, I thought I’d post a few videos that every person needs to have seen because they’re hilarious.

What’s your favorite YouTube video?

Also, head over to Karin‘s blog to see her most recent December Recipe Challenge post! Italian Veggie Bulgur!

I’m also excited to share my exciting post on December 20th!  But until then, I have a land use plan to finish!

Have a great day!